Electric heaters

Electric heaters


dzieciWhat are the advantages?

Electric convector and storage heaters are used when for various reasons other heating systems cannot be installed. Storage heaters are an effective primary heat source where there's access to off-pick tariff (night-tariff). The core of the heater accumulates heat during the cheaper tariff/fare and is transferred to a room in a static or dynamic way. The dynamic system allows precise controlling of temperature during twenty - four hours .Convector heaters can be used as a primary heat source or as an additional element supporting other heating system. They are suitable also for temporary installation (as they are easy to move to a new location).

Today's heaters have little in common with the old, traditional systems. Currently, in the design and production process we use the latest technical innovations. Nowadays low power consumption, very high heating efficiency, modern materials and new construction solutions for highest functionality of the equipment and users' safety are considered already a world standard.

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The Advantages:

ic6 Power efficient
with temperature
ic5 Usage safety ic7 Low maintenance costs
ic3 Reduced repair costs
of building veneer and
gutter installations
ic8 Environment friendly solution  


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